Diversified Chemicals Group

About US

Tlowana Resources Pty Ltd, the Level 2 contributor in terms of B-BBEE, is a diversified chemicals group focusing on the manufacturing and supply of industrial chemicals and water treatment services to our customers in mining, agriculture, pharmaceutical, food and beverage, refractory, petroleum and gas industries as well water and electricity utilities.   Our business strategy is underpinned by the capabilities (i.e. integration of strategic assets and key competencies) that allows us to deliver tangible value to our clients and access new markets across the globe.Our operations comprise of magnesium oxide business, specialty and bulk chemicals business, and water treatment division. Our approach is to work closely with our clients and supply chemicals and services in the manner that enhances their industrial processes and ultimately their bottom line.

Our Values

Commitment to Customers: The sustainability of our business depends on the continuous support from our customers and this support is driven by our commitment to make a difference

Humility: Any feedback builds us. We believe in customer feedback and it can only make the relationship with our customers stronger

Excellence: We strive to get better each time we render our services

Innovation: We innovate for and with our customers. We address the real problems and propose new approaches for incorporation to our customer’s environment

Our Vision

To be a leader in manufacturing the best chemical products and rendering industrial process services impacting the industries we serve in a positive way


Sustainability is one of the Tlowana Resources Strategic Objectives.  We therefore subscribe to sustainable development principles. At the core of this objective, is our innovation framework that allows us to integrate key parameters of our business, people, environment and value for our shareholders for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Mining, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Refractory, Petroleum and Gas Industries