Diversified Chemicals Group

Corporate Social Investment (CSI)

Our Approach

Tlowana Resources acknowledges that South Africa still faces triple challenges of poverty, inequality and unemployment despite some achievements since the dawn of democracy, and that addressing these challenges cannot be the responsibility of government alone. In response to this, Tlowana Resources undertakes to invest in socio-economic activities in areas where we do business. We commit to achieve this in partnership with like-minded corporates and non-profit organisation/non-governmental organisations.Our value to society includes the following:

Employment opportunities

We intend to recruit our employees from the local community where we do business and to address national imperatives in terms of diversity management, and reduction of unemployment and poverty.

Community Projects Investment

Support theinitiation and implementation of community projects in the areas of agriculture, healthcare, water and education.

Support Educational Programs

    • Provide scholarshipsfor deserving individuals mostly in the disciplines that include science, engineering, technology and commerce
    • Mentorship
    • Support school programs such as extra lessons
    • Infrastructure development e.g. upgrading of laboratories
    • Adhoc functions such as donation campaigns for items that include school shoes and laptops etc.

Enterprise and Supplier Development

Develop enterprises and suppliers based in rural and township areas to promote socio-economic transformation. Services include, creating networks, raising working capital, business process development, market access development and mentorship.