Diversified Chemicals Group

Activated Carbon CIP circuits, removal of heavy metal contaminants
Aluminium Sulphate Inorganic flocculant in water treatment
Aqua Regia Gold refining
Calcium Nitrate Wastewater treatment
Citric Acid Gangue depressant for ores containing oxide minerals
Collectors Range of specialty collectors (DSP, Xanthate, etc.)
Cyclohexylamine Neutralizing amine for pH control
Dextrin Depressant for carbon and galena (PbS) minerals in base metal ores
Ferric Chloride Inorganic flocculants in water treatment
Hydrazine Corrosion inhibitor in heating systems
Lime Flocculants in water treatment and pH control
Magnesium Oxide Precipitation of metal hydroxides from acid leach solution
SMBS Non-oxidizing biocide
Soda Ash Dispersant and pH controle
Sodium Cyanide Extraction of golde
Sodium Hexametaphosphate Scale and deposition inhibitor
Sodium Sulphite Depressant for pyrite (FeS2) in copper-zinc ores
Sulphuric Acid Ore leaching and metal cleaning
Zinc Sulphate Depressant for base metal ores
Mining, Agriculture, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage, Refractory, Petroleum and Gas Industries